Single Anchor Dough Mixer


Biscuit Sigma Arm Mixer
High Speed ​​Biscuit Dough Mixer
Machine Used in Biscuit Production.
Dough capacity 200 kg. 500 kg. 600 kg.
Single Sigma Arm Mixers are suitable for cookies, crackers, biscuits, corn tortillas, buttermilk biscuits, pet foods and stiff fillings
Dough reservoir System with water Wall
Custom reservoir stainless steell
Pneumatic butterfly valve flour gate and two liquid inlets and flour dust vent with filter allow for easy cleaning.
Front and rear bowl seals prevents leaking, and helps maintain product quality.
Arm System with special twisting system.
Gear Group Steel Casting.
Boat Tilting System Hydraulic System
Arm Movement,Speed ​​Adjustment System, Time Adjustment System and Arm Back and Forward Direction System
The machine is fully automatic and user protection system.
Mixer Cover System with Switch System
PLC Control System

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