Carousel Wafer Oven


Carousel Wafer Baking Oven

Number of Wafer Oven Plate
16 plate / 18 plate / 20 plaka /22 plate

Electric Carousel Wafer Oven
Number of Oven Plates and Wafer Patterns are Adjusted according to the Wafer Measure to be Made and Customer’s Request
Wafer Oven Plate and cars are made of special alloy casting material
Wafer Oven Plate processed on CNC machines.
Plate surfaces are hard chromium plating.
Plates are special systems and special bearings and special graphite heat resistant bush system are used in the bearing systems used.
Plate Locking System
Mold Adjustment System
Automatic Wafer Sheet Taking System (Optional)
Wafer Oven Electric Heating System
Separate Electric Heater System For Each Wafer Plate
Automatic Dough Adjusting System
Heat Loss Preventive Cover and Chassis System
PLC Control System

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