We are Producing Projects in Accordance With Related Laws and Regulations With Our Experienced and Expert Engineers, Technician Staff and Professional, Contemporary Technology, Administrative and Technical Specifications.
Wafer Production Line
-Automatic Wafer Baking Oven
- Automatic Wafer Dough Mixer
- Automatic Wafer Sheet Cooler
- Automatic Wafer Cream Spreading Machine
- Wafer Block Cooling Tunnel
- Automatic Wafer Cutting Machine
-Automatic Wafer Cream Mixer & Stock Tank
Chocolate Production Line
-Chocolate Ball Mill
- Fat Melting Tank
- Chocolate Storage Tank
- Chocolate Enrobing Machine
- Chocolate Cooling Tunnel
- Chocolate Tempering Machine
- Chocolate Pre-Mixer
- Powdered Sugar Mill
Nougat - Caramel Production Line
-Nougat Production Kitchen
- Caramel Production Kitchen
- Nougat Cylinder Group
- Caramel Cylinder Group
Konusunda Tecrübeli ve Uzman Mühendis, Tekniker Kadromuz İle Profesyonel, Çağın Teknolojisine, İdari ve Teknik Şartnamelere, İlgili Yasa ve Yönetmeliklere Uygun Projeler Üretiyoruz.
Gofret Üretim Makinaları
-Otomatik Gofret Fırını
- Otomatik Gofret Hamur Mikseri
- Gofret Yaprak Soğutma
- Otomatik Krema Sürüm Makinası
- Otomatik Gofret Blok Soğutma Tüneli
- Otomatik Gofret Kesim Makinası
- Otomatik Gofret Krema Mikseri
Çikolata Üretim Makinaları
-Bilyalı Çikolata Mikseri
- Yağ Eritme Tankı
- Çikolata Stok Tankı
- Çikolata Kaplama Makinası
- Çikolata Soğutma Tüneli
- Çikolata Temperleme Makinası
- Çikolata Ön Hazırlama Mikseri
- Pudra Şeker Değirmeni
Nuga - Karamel Bar Üretim Hattı
-Nuga Üretim Mutfağı
- Karamel Üretim Mutfağı
- Nuga Silindir Grubu
- Karamel Silindir Grubu
Chocolate Production Machines
Chocolate Mixer - Fat Melting Tank - Tablet Chocolate Filling Line - Powder Sugar Mill
We produce projects according to professional laws, regulations, administrative and technical specifications and related laws and regulations with experienced and expert engineers and technicians.
Chocolate Production Machines
Chocolate Mixer - Fat Melting Tank - Tablet Chocolate Filling Line - Powder Sugar Mill


Production is carried out with a rich and high technology machinery park and experienced technical personnel. The production stages are carried out with computer-aided technical drawings prepared in three dimensional environment, so all products are produced with specified standards. The parts that have been produced with various units are finally delivered to the assembly line and delivered to the quality control department.

Quality control

– Customers, employees and the community; meeting needs and expectations
– Reliable and long-lasting products
– Low maintenance and repair costs, minimum fuel consumption Quality Targets:
– To make institutional and technological innovations
– Reduce costs
– Continuity of product safety

R & D

In this direction, investments were made in engineering resources and human resources were created and collaborations were established. As a result of these investments, we have been able to design, produce and benefit from the expanding market opportunities of our own products. The R & D work carried out is directly related to the products and the outputs are different from each other.

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We have MISSION ourselves to be an exemplary institution that creates resources and values for our customers, employees, my country in this vision that we have determined. Our vision is to be a leader company in the sector with an understanding based on customer satisfaction, continuous development, quality, teamwork, social responsibility, professional management, conformity with technological developments and sharing.


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