Biscuit Cooling Tunnel

ÜRÜN BİLGİSİ Storey Cooling Tunnel Used in Biscuit Production It is used for cooling the product in cream biscuit production. Machine can be designed as 2 storey / 3 storey…


Horizontal Ribbon Mixer

Horizontal Ribbon Blender PRODUCT INFORMATION Ribbon Horizontal Blender Mixer Ribbon Blender Mixer is a basic industrial mixing machine. This machine is used for powder or other such items in order…

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Conveyor Belts

Conveyor Belts PRODUCT INFORMATION It is the machine that is used for transferring the products coming from the production line and returning them to the line. 90 Degree Rotating Band…

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Biscuit Sigma Arm Mixer

Single Anchor Dough Mixer PRODUCT INFORMATION Biscuit Sigma Arm Mixer High Speed ​​Biscuit Dough Mixer Machine Used in Biscuit Production. Dough capacity 200 kg. 500 kg. 600 kg. Single Sigma…

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Biscuit Double Sigma Arm Mixer

DOUBLE SIGMA ARM MIXER PRODUCT INFO Sigma Dough Mixer / Sigma Arm MixerBiscuit Horizontal Dough mixerBiscuit Dough and Biscuit Cream is used in preparing the machineMixer with sigma-shaped mixing arms…

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