Automatic Wafer Oven


Automatic Wafer Bakery Oven / Wafer Baking Oven
Used for the production of wafer Sheet.
Wafer Plate Dimensions:
280 mm x 380 mm
290 mm x 470mm
350 mm x 500 mm
Wafer Leaves can be produced with dimensions of 350 mm x 700 mm.
24 – 36 – 40 – 60 – 72 – 83 – 90 Can be adjusted as plate according to customer’s request.
Plate Patterns and Wafer Model to Be Produced are Designed as a Wafer Model Shaped Based on Flat Wafers or Customers’ Requests.
High-Quality Custom Casting Wafer Plates and Plate Carriage  System

Plate Trolleys Special Locking System
Plate Forming System
Heat Resistant Bearing and Bushing System for Plates
Automatic Leaf Taking System
Leaf Cleaning Brush System
Heat Sealed and Insulated Machine Cover System
Special Design Machine Main Chassis System
Discart Cleaning Pallet System In Bottom Inside Machine
Inverter and Pneumatic Controlled Main Drive Reducer System
Automatic Dough Pumping System
Auto Wafer Oven Heating System can work with Propane Gas System or Methane Gas.
Auto Ignition System
The temperature of the oven plates is controlled automatically by the PID controller and the required PID signal is provided by the infrared sensor produced by RAYTEK.
Temperature Control is controlled from two separate points in plate and oven.
Air and Gas Mixing System
Window System for Security on Both Sides of the Oven
All units on the machine are controlled from PLC system.